It is not uncommon to find yourself in a tricky situation with a flat or deflated tire while you were driving quietly your BMW X4. Many options are available to you at this time, including the option to replace your wheel. To do so, it is necessary to know the location of your spare tire. In this post, we will explain where to find your spare tire on your BMW X4 and also the various possible alternatives in terms of troubleshooting.


Spare wheel location on my BMW X4

The location of the spare tire on your BMW X4 may vary depending on the year of manufacture. Usually, you will find it under the trunk, accessible from the inside of the trunk, or in some cases accessible from the outside by unscrewing the lugs in the trunk of your BMW X4. From time to time it may be found under the hood, but this is unusual.

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It is as well possible that you do not have a standard spare wheel available. Here are the different options available to you:

Different spare wheels or different ways to repair your BMW X4

The spare wheel on my BMW X4:

This small wheel, otherwise known as a wafer, is less bulky than a standard wheel. It has the benefit of taking up less space on your BMW X4, but at the expense of its resistance. In reality, it is only used in case of emergency, we suggest that you do not drive more than a few kilometers and that you do not exceed 80km/h because it’s not designed to resist too high speeds. Go to the nearest garage as soon as possible. Also, be careful when cornering, as your BMW X4 will be slightly uneven because it’s thinner than the other wheels previously in place. Also make sure that the pressure of your wheel disc is checked regularly to avoid keeping an unusable spare wheel on your BMW X4.

The complete wheel:

This is a wheel equivalent to the one you currently have in place. Logically, you can put it in place and drive normally. Be cautious, make sure that it is actually similar to the wheels already in place on your BMW X4.

The anti puncture kit on my BMW X4:

As its name suggests, this one will enable you to fix a small puncture (with a coagulant liquid) and to re-inflate temporarily (using a small compressor that you link up to the cigarette lighter) in order to reach the nearest garage with your BMW X4. Be careful however, you cannot drive forever with this system. We encourage that you do not exceed 80km/h and about 200km in order not to take risks. Obviously, if you notice a too important opening in the tire of your BMW X4, do not take avoidable risks, the kit will not be able to repair everything. If the hole is bigger than 5 millimeters, it will be very complicated to plug it, because the air pressure is too high.

Conclusion on my BMW X4:

Here is some details on the location of the spare tire on your BMW X4 and the different options available to you in terms of repairing. You should also know that, by law, it is not compulsory to have a spare tire on your BMW X4. However, we strongly recommend that you equip yourself with one so that you do not find yourself in a delicate situation. You should also take care to maintain the tyres of your BMW X4, for obvious safety explanations, but also because it’s reprehensible by law with a fine of up to 400€ or even immobilisation of your BMW X4. So be careful.

In the event that you have any further questions about the BMW X4, do not hesitate to consult our BMW X4 category.