Your car won’t start and you must enroll a very important meeting! Don’t panic, you don’t want to be an exceptional mechanic to act successfully. By using the tips in this article step by step you will easily solve the problem and restart your Lexus NX.
First, we will try to find the reasons that might prevent your car from starting.
It is also possible that your car crancks but won’t start.


Reasons that prevent your Lexus NX from starting

The battery may not have supported leaving your headlights on all night, or the vehicle key may have been forgotten on the ignition.
To make certain that it comes from the battery, and not from other causes, first check the lighting of your headlights. Indeed, a low intensity or no lighting is definitely a bad sign for your battery.

Let’s see the different causes of failure

Battery pack of your Lexus NX

In most cases, for a Lexus NX that does not start, the battery is implicated because it gives the starter the energy considered necessary to start the engine.
Check if there are any lights on your dashboard. Refer to the light on to indicate the failure.
If when turning the key you can feel jolts, this is an indication of a weak battery, and therefore it needs to be recharged.
A little trick that may help you a lot is to keep jumper cables in your Lexus NX, you will save yourself a towing.
If someone you know has the cables themselves, they can recharge your battery enough for you to restart the engine and the battery to recharge itself. Wait for a moment before leaving even if your car is on, you don’t wish to stall at the first traffic light and have to perform the operation.

Weather conditions

Let’s go forward. Let’s imagine that your battery is recharged, but however your Lexus NX still doesn’t start. First, it is important to know that humidity and temperature changes produce oxidation that can deposit on the battery terminals, clogging it and preventing it from working.
When in good working order, the terminals are a metallic grey. If they have changed colour, it is important to clean them. It is possible to do this with a wire brush or sandpaper. Make use of a small amount of thick grease before rubbing.

Starter of your Lexus NX

Now you have followed our advice so far but your Lexus NX still doesn’t react. It is now time to focus your attention on the starter, the small electric motor that starts the car’s engine.
You should know that to keep it in perfect working order, a few simple and quick steps are required. You can give a few small jolts on the sharp part of the starter, which will loosen the coals and facilitate their passage.
It should also be noted that this part does not have a specific lifetime, everything will rely upon its use and consequently on the maintenance of your Lexus NX. When it no longer works well, it is often caused by a bad electrical contact, itself often induced by high summer heat. This reduces the conductivity of metals. If the weather is not hot, it is notto be blamed for

Another technique to try to launch your car is to put your Lexus NX on a slope and by using the clutch pedal, the engine will finally start. This will work if your battery is dead and it has not been used to start the starter. In this solution, this trick avoids solliciting it.

Alternator of your Lexus NX

If, however, after driving, your battery has not recharged, (so you still cannot restart your engine with the contact even after driving) two options, either your battery is dead, or it’s the alternator. Its role is to recharge it while driving. This means that your battery may be in good condition, but it has simply not been recharged by the costly alternator.


If despite all this you are unable to identify the failure, it is still recommended to see a professional who can make a diagnosis to be more accurate. Remember everything that has been mentioned in order to provide him with information that could make it possible for him/her to repair your Lexus NX.

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