A horn that no longer works could easily become dangerous and must be repaired as soon as possible. You must always, on your Chevrolet Suburban, be able to report your presence thanks to this essential device. It may simply be broken and have a peculiar sound on your Chevrolet Suburban, but at any rate it is a problem that you must stop. The aim of this article is to go along with you step by step in this technique because you will come to the conclusion that you can do it yourself without going to the garage for your Chevrolet Suburban.
First, start by analysing where the failure came from. Based on this you will know what repairs to do.
We will help you step by step through the different tests:


Try honking the horn with the cover open. If you hear a sound, but much weaker than usual, it suggests that that some tubes are impaired but some still work. indeed, on your Chevrolet Suburban there are several trumpets that carry sound.
Step two, try to track down the horn. You will find it near the radiator at the front of your car, near the grille. The grille is the small grille at the front of vehicles that enables air to enter while protecting the parts of your Chevrolet Suburban.

Horn cables unplugged on my Chevrolet Suburban

Once the horn is identified, we will attempt to disconnect and reconnect the connecting wires in order to perform a new test. To do this, take the two connected wires, pull them out by their ends towards you. There should also be a horn fixing bolt that you must unscrew. Then clean it all up with a brush or something, then reconnect it all. Try honking your horn again. Does it work?
You have found the solution for your Chevrolet Suburban! If nothing changes, let’s go a little further in the tests and explanations.
You are confronted with several solutions at this stage.

Faulty horn horn on my Chevrolet Suburban

You may well buy another tube to replace the damaged ones if you have been able to identify them on your Chevrolet Suburban thanks to the noise.

Fuse blown

you might want to also check the fuses. To find this fuse box, we invite you to visit our previous article on the subject:
“Where to find the fuse box on a Chevrolet Suburban”
You should also look in your vehicle owner’s manual for the fuse references of the horn fuse that you must identify precisely.
Once the fuse is identified, you can dispose of it using a pair of pliers. To check if it is burned, have a look at the metal part. If this one is blown, your fuse has blown on your Chevrolet Suburban. It must consequently be replaced. If it looks new, it should not be questioned.
You can find this fuse in any car shop or garage. Test the horn again after the fuse has been replaced. Is your horn working again? Congratulations! If this still doesn’t work for your Chevrolet Suburban, examine your dashboard and specifically your airbag indicator light. If this one is on, there may be a link. Actually, it can have an impact on the rotating switch, a part that acts as a relay between the steering wheel and the horn. Having said that, for an airbag indicator problem on your Chevrolet Suburban, it’s a good idea to go to a professional as it is more complicated to manage alone.


Here are the different causes that could have an impact on your Chevrolet Suburban’s horn. Trumpets, fuses, rotating switch, airbag. Precisely determining the fault will help you to remedy it. Be cautious to replace the fuse with an identical fuse of the same intensity.

If perhaps you have any further questions about the Chevrolet Suburban, do not hesitate to consult our Chevrolet Suburban category.