Learning how to change a wheel is one of the little things that are not really complicated to do, but you have to know the different steps to follow. This may well save you a lot of stress in a difficult situation. We will explain in this article detail by detail each step to follow in order to do this correctly on your Lexus RX.
To begin with, it is very important to put on your yellow vest if you are close to the road, and also to position your warning triangle about 25-30 meters before your Lexus RX. Also remember to activate your warnings before changing wheels.


Different steps to change a wheel on a Lexus RX:

  • 1: First, make sure your Lexus RX is on a suitable floor. This means that you should ideally position your car on a solid and flat surface. If you have no choice in terms of soil strength, try to find something to support your vehicle, such as bricks or boards. In this case, pay close attention to the stability of your Lexus RX, do not take any risks. Also remember to apply the hand brake.
  • 2: To lift the car with the jack, it will first be necessary to remove the hubcap and slightly unscrew the bolts. Turn them counter-clockwise. Do not remove them just loosen them, using the equipment you have in the trunk with the spare wheel. Normally you should have a cross or a release key.
  • 3: Now you must position the jack to gently lift your Lexus RX. Try to place it close to the wheel to be replaced. Be careful though, your jack must be very steady. Now use the jack to lift your vehicle. Remember to lift until this wheel never touches the ground, get more space if you replace a punctured wheel because a new one will take up more space on your Lexus RX.
  • 4: Once the wheel is in suspension, it is time to entirely remove the bolts. Once done, you can take out the wheel to be changed. Then position the new wheel instead. You can tighten the bolts by hand only. You will tighten with the cross when the wheel is on the ground, do not force them too hard, you could damage your Lexus RX.
  • 5: Once you have tightened everything up, it is now time to put your Lexus RX down. Do this properly, take your time. Now that the car is on the ground, you can tighten the bolts using the equipment. Also, do not overtighten.
  • 6: You can now replace the hubcap and store all your equipment in your trunk, your Lexus RX is now ready to move again.

Conclusion on my Lexus RX :

So you can see that it is fairly easy to replace a wheel. Just be careful to set the decor correctly (beacon, vest…) and position your Lexus RX in the best conditions. Same for the jack, make sure it is really stable, and at no time for any reason position yourself under the car. It may be possible at any time for the jack to fail so be careful.

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